You Are No One!

Let me ask, who are you to devalue my purpose in life?
To overshadow my spirit and light
To drain out the energy that is my heart beat
And to compress the beautiful memories that I still see…

From a far, I am but a young woman
With knots in my hair, hips with little flair
But I got a vision that oversee’s beyond the near,
future as golden as the suns rays
As bright as the fire that will blaze
When you will finally understand our say.
Our voices will cross borders and break down all boundaries
We will speak against those hoarders,
That collect our rights and lock them in a cage
His rage, her rage  and especially our rage
Will be a testimony to the years of oppression that I pray my daughters shall never face…

So who are you?
Who are you to tell me my choice of clothing will be the death of me?
Who are you to reprimand my right to be sexually free?
To demonize these desires that are similar to yours,
Except, I would never forcefully open that door!

Who are you to tell us we wanted it?
To put us so low that we can taste the staleness of the grass,
To haunt our entire existence and ruin our past
To take away our humanity and leave but a cold empty soul with a fast,
Heavily beating heart, that jumps at every sight that’ll pass

I’m just wondering,
who are you to take away our happiness and leave us with somber bones?
And who are we to accept it?

I must admit, it is not my domain
But I pray to remain humane,
When all I have is taken away
Even with chains on my wrists I shall not obey,
Instead I will stay, I will stick to my beliefs
Even when those thieves try to steal my faith away
I will stay bound to the ground
My feet dancing to the sounds of my future triumphs

So no, YOU are no one!
You have no power over my skin, and my colours shall continue to shine within.
I am more than just my tragic story
I am alive and the epitome of victory
I am the song that you hear, the symphony in your ears.
I am an anthem and a prayer
The number one negativity slayer
So nah, you are no one!

See, we’ll continue to fight these endless fights.
The ones that have us up all night,
Tossing and turning,
Burning, sweat pouring trying to find the right direction,
The right strength to keep on,
The right amount of understanding
We will fight until the world comes to its senses
Because love is the answer and it beats all those other false pretenses.

But hey, I beseech for forgiveness as I often do not practice what I preach
The colours fade so often, and my heart tends to turn bleak
But friend, always remember
That too shall pass…


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