My heart beats

My heart beats…loud!


It beats so loud that the heavens can hear it

So loud that those speakers fear it

My heart beats, dancing to the music that is my spirit

Speaking to the crowd that is within it

It beats, for the hearts that have stopped beating

For the souls that have stopped soaring

For the waters that have stopped pouring

And for the land that has stopped growing


My heart beats, at the thought of bones being crushed

It gets louder at the thought of being hushed

At the thought of being pushed to the limit,

My heart skips a beat and takes a leap into the forbidden

The longer it takes for them to get it,

The faster my heart beats, sometimes forgetting

To breathe…

Let me breathe, let my heart beat

At its own pace,

Let it sleep in its own place, its own home

Because there’s not enough space in your dome


My heart beats, even when it pushes out cries of despair

It beats because love should not be made so rare

It beats when met with that one single stare

Never to compare, that powerful human being in the mirror

It beats…




…and it continues to beat despite the loudness of defeat

It continues to beat for broken vessels left on the concrete

It beats for the weary hearts that have become so many

If any, are remaining at all


A generation indecisively ready to revolt

Against all that is wrong, but not sure of what is right

My heart beats for the sleepless knights

Slaying dragons with their own fire, for insight

And in spite of the little light that they are given

They shine just as bright

My heart beats for you all.


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