I want to find myself, in a crowd full of people

and get lost, on a beach full of seagulls.

I want my thoughts to swim, out of time

and my heart to jump, half blind.

I want to taste another’s struggles,

and feel another’s joy.

I want to take another’s fears, and help them destroy

that feeling, of feeling nothing…oh boy!

I want to spend time on your mountains, and climb on your trees

getting high off of the bliss of joining you to me.

In an unfamiliar land, where our names mean nothing at all

I’d like us to wash away our worries, under a mesmerizing waterfall.

I want to smell the nothingness of the air in the city,

and the everything of the scents in the country.

Right by your side, I want to explore

these fantasies, and many more. :)




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