Dream About Mother

I had a dream about my mother last night,
She was sitting on a couch and laid her arms out for me
Telling me to come lay beside her
With tears in my eyes, I walked towards her slowly
I could feel my heart beating with such an ease,
But still a tear rolled down my face and instead I fell to her knees
It was too good to be true…
Her hand reached out for mine and she pulled me up to her level
A smile filled her face so much so that I could feel it forming on mine
I felt fulfilled…free, happy…yet I couldn’t stop sobbing
It still hurt…because maybe my subconscious knew it was just a dream
It seemed, as if she was a stranger…
A stranger that I felt so close to
As we hugged, I felt the warmth of her skin
I laid my head on her chest and I could feel all my worries vanish within
It was real…it had to be real
My heart still beating with such an ease,
I closed my eyes and listened…it had to be real
I could feel her there, with me…
But it wasn’t, it was just a dream.


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