The jazz I hear in my ears surely can’t be anything other
than that song you sing to me when we are together
These hairs on my skin
Cry your name as I melt within, when we touch
That feeling of discovery as your eyes meet mine, it’s such a rush
To feel our hearts beat in sync,
And to see the fear increase and shrink, all at once
I want to… take you to a quiet place
Where it’s just my thoughts and yours moving at their own pace
I want to lace our emotions into one big bow
And admire this gift that only we know…

The wind keeps pushing me in your direction
And as I fall, I see my reflection,
In your eyes, as your hands caress my thighs
Even with the 50th goodbye, I feel no reason to cry
You are a part of my skin, like the scar on my chin
You are my Zen, when I forget the way in
I feel you within and I hear my heart grin

We are like flowers and bees,
I can feel it in my knees,
stumbling and mumbling words that have no feet
they crawl towards your lips
like they’re begging for a sip
a sip of that sweet brown sugar
don’t let go…

don’t let go of this moment…
as the stars align, and fireworks make a home in the sky
as the world spins slowly,
and our hands make vows to stay together
and we don’t even notice
the music in the background, Otis
Reddening our hearts with temptation and desire
we can’t pull away, this love will never expire
feel the static… we’re magnets
I feel ecstatic… we’re magnets
We let go, but….. we’re magnets
I’ve held your soul…. coz we’re magnets
It just follows me wherever I go
And this magnetic love, is all I ever want to know
Because we are magnets.



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