Sweet Little Paradise (written, March 2012)

May I have a piece of this sweet little paradise?
A piece of this dark soil and this beautiful sunrise
May I lay on the land on which my mother was conceived?
To feel my ancestors’ history within me
May I smell this fresh air which is slowly being contaminated?
As I wait for the day where I can say “we finally made it”
May I taste the heat that so many complain about?
As they fight to keep themselves out of the drought
May I listen to the sound of the beating tam tams?
As the djembe plays, I’ll dance until my feet go numb
May I look at the starless sky, yet always so bright?
Wondering what the city got for me tonight
May I join in the mantra?
As the symphony attracts me
Rhapsody, as I feel the track see
May I participate in the evolution of self-proclaimed independence?
Trying to rationalize why the west has got us sentenced
To doom
Or is it just too soon, to go negative
So I repeat
May I have a piece of this sweet, oh so little paradise?
Can you allow me to stare directly into those big brown eyes?
As I try,
To uncover the scars that lay
Hidden behind the smiles yet completely astray
If I may,
I’d like to blossom amongst the flowers and let the bees feed off of me?
and like the bees, I want to be
Buzzing my way through the trees, pure discoveries
Of nothing less but you and me
Or is it you and I?
I am the product of your cries
Your burdens,
So May I replace your grey skies with blue ones
Uncertain, of your gift
May I give you a lift?
To reach the maximum high
As you allow me to sit on those numerous hills
Finding comfort in the sights, oh what a thrill!
May I share with you my dreams, but don’t try to enforce your themes, on me?
Let me be who I want to be, I plead
Like a planted seed, I’ve seen you grow in front of me
So I beg thee, to let me be…part of history
Oh could it be, I’m glistening, just look into my eyes
Finally got you listening,
so now, give me a piece of that sweet little paradise?



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