Sense Me

Can you sense my nerves?

Can you smell the blood rush through my perfume?
I feel my pulse join the rhythm of the music as you get close
Can you taste the sweetness of my desires?
I’m holding on to this very moment with my eyes
Envisioning what’s to come, hence it’s no surprise
That you watch me smile with my hips
And feel me dance with my lips
Under the moonlight, I feel you tighten the grip

Can you hear my body call out your name?

Do you speak the language that only my thighs can tame?
Do you; believe in magic because I know you can
Does the shape of my heart fit in your hand?
It’s too late in the night to be thinking about love
So can we ride into town and buy us a nice tub
Where we can make rainbows and pour wine in a cup
I’m saying, I know you’ve tasted misery, as she left an after-taste behind
I want to rid you of such, and delete the button ‘rewind’

So let me kiss the side of the cheek

On which she did not leave a mark, or let me kiss that scar
From which its history we couldn’t begin to embark
Can you feel my touch as I call you out from far?
Because I know she’s hurt you, anyone can smell it’s like tar
So let’s get rid of that residue and begin at the bar.


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