Sunflower Under The Rain

Watch the sunflower blossom under the rain
As she reaches her maximum height, and cuts off the pain
As her seeds smell like victory
And her breathe is colored with a shade,
A shade of slippery lies, countless goodbyes, open cuts
And endless supplies…of love
Watch her stand tall in the dirty mud
With a wounded stem, not capable to twig,
To understand, what lays beyond her earth
The birth of her discoveries seem so far away
As she stands still, but still blossoms under the rain
Watch the sunflower as it blossoms under the rain
As she faces the wind, and manages to maintain
Her posture, so powerful and untamed
Watch water drops fall from her petals
As she wipes away the dust and finally settles
For her rights, to be a sunflower day and night
So bright, yet the sky is still grey
As she still stands, blossoming in the rain
She watched the birds flee
Watched most of her surroundings flood
Tasted their blood, but still there she stood
Beside that stone is where she calls home
Beside that stone is where she calls home
Home of the brave that stood still against the rain
The once enemy has now freed her from her pain
Now she can embrace, the life that she was given
Praise the light that has her driven
The good wasps will be forgiven, and the bad ones forbidden
Forbidden from the taste of her desires
Her memories, what she aspires… to be
To see, as she feels stuck in the soil from which she grows
As much as she can, she wants to grow
She wants to show them that she can handle even the snow
She can handle the cold winter breezes that blow
She wants them to know…
The storm will never die, so instead she cuddles its cries
And blows kisses to the sky, and when they ask why
She replies:
I believe in the power of time,
I believe in the power of strength
And I believe this will be my prime
And therefore, I choose to not feel astray
Instead I will hold still and blossom in this rain.

 sunflower under rain













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