One of those nights…


It was another late night.

Toasts being made, shots being taken, love being broken and tears being forsaken.

Because no one has time to think of past desires or future mistakes.

It felt like being in a musical sauna where all your body wants to do is move, move to the rhythm of the music until your feet feel like coming off.

As you sweat away all the stress of the past week, past months, past years

Those nights where all you want is to get to know a person for just one night, not emotionally but physically on the dance floor.

Those nights to which we remember nothing, but everything that our memory managed to capture.

As the taste of alcohol no longer has a taste but has become a rite of passage to which the doors to the other side open.

The doors leading to happiness and fearless actions, where you no longer have to think about what to do…but just do.

Because you aren’t really you. Or you are really you?

Emotions enhanced by the ambiance you walk through.

Like you own the place, no more poker face

Racing to reach to the bottom of the bottle

Just so your senses can let you let loose and forget

Not only forget but remember what you feel

Coz the night won’t last and the feelings will pass

So you dance like it’s your last and chant along

No one can judge your wrongs, as you don’t know the lyrics to the song

But you sing on, because you can

And as the sun rises you sit and look back at the night

laughing at the mistakes and smiling at the regrets

the sun shining on your dusty shoes

make up smothered across your face due to all the sweat you left on the dance floor

It was just one of those nights…


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