In and Out (everyday life at a Pastry Shop)

In and out
In and out
The cycle of life they say
You go in, you come out
I stand and watch them choose what they want
What will fill them up, make them feel satisfied
And then walk out
I smile, offer them what I must and what I can
Then they walk out
I wonder,
do they feel whole?
Does a bite from their sweet misery bring them comfort?
And does it enlighten their soul?
We look at each other for a short minute
Feeling dependent, vulnerable
I need them, they need me
And we can’t seem to break free
We, quietly judge and imagine a life for the other
How was her childhood?
Has he been to Dubai?
Does she often cry, like I do when I look up to the sky?
Wondering why we’re put on this earth only to die after a while
We go in and we come out
They go in and they come out
In and out
I repeat those words because they have so many different meanings
Isn’t it funny though?
How easy people come and go
How easy things come and go
Come and go like the snow on a cold winter day
As you feel the snowflakes softly rest upon your skin
So magical yet so dangerous, makes you quiver within

And so I still sit here on my chair
Watching them come in and out
We exchange glances but never let things go further
Not knowing what the other one is thinking
Simply passing by in this so called ‘short life’
Dragging their sorrows and troubles behind them as they walk out
Walk on to their next destination
This life is all about destination…
Everyone is leaving somewhere to head somewhere else
You go in and then you come out.


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