Stop Looking At Me!

Stop looking at me, with those eyes

Those mesmerizing eyes that got me wondering why

Why I ever let you in, why I ever let you win

Let you begin, this journey in the first place

Walking hand in hand, I used to feel so safe

Brave, I thought I’d never rely on those eyes

Those eyes that keep reading right through me

Without knowing a thing about me,

About my thoughts, about my dreams

You keep looking, and making me seem

Like I don’t know myself…


You weren’t there when I cried myself to sleep

Wondering where she went and how It would be

Being that I grew up sensibly, I had to get it together

Just so I could breathe

Pleading, my heart to hold on tight

To keep beating, coz it would be alright

Most nights, I felt like nothing was ever real

I’d stand still, look around me

Stiff as a rock, I never understood the things that’d surround me

Blurry as hell, I fell right on my bed

Dizzy from all the thoughts in my head

So I’d close my eyes, I’d close my eyes

And fly…


So why, why do you think you can look at me with those eyes

Like I’m the most perfect being

like I have no fears, like my wounds have been healing

like you know where I’m from

and where I’ll be heading

with my head up straight, with no shade around my insecurities

as they won’t be portrayed

just stop, stop looking at me and imagining my dreams

imagining my soon-to-be’s and my underneath sheath

just stop looking at me


Those eyes are making me believe

In things I never thought existent

Resistant to my own power

I never thought I’d tear down that tower

That blocked me from my full potential

Now the central reason why I am who I am

Is because you are who you are

So just stop, stop looking at me and making me smile at the skies

Making sing to the stars and mocking the rain from afar

Just stop, you say nothing but I see it all in your eyes

You think I’m destined for greatness

You think I’ll never be faithless

And so I run around trying to impress you

Trying to prove you right, to live up to what you think I aspire

But I am afraid, that is what you don’t know

I fear my own power, my own dreams

My own desires, and it seems those eyes keep drowning me into submission

I don’t want to let it go but I feel like I’ve come too close

Too many times, to drowning even deeper and officially losing my breathe

So stop, stop looking at me




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