Music…My Soul Mate

Truth and Reality have rarely been a theme in my life

In my life I’ve rarely been in the right

Right as I think I might survive, fear slows down my stride

Striding through all these streets of self pity, the only thing left is my pride

The pride that keeps me on a leash, when really all I need is to feel it glide

Gliding away slowly as you pronounce my name,

As you tickle my emotions into believing I’m actually sane

Sanity is all and everything I shall never possess

As I am possessed with this feeling of always being a mess

Messing with my head, I begin to feel your tender caress

Caressing my thoughts, creating vulnerable clots in my heart

That’s when it starts


Je glisse en essayant de fuir

D’accomplir mes désirs

Je soupir, a l’idée de les laisser me détruire

Détruire ma passion, mon attraction vers le vent

Ce vent qui me pousse dans différentes direction

Du potentielle, j’en manque pas

Mon espoir me libérera

M’élèvera au sommet de toutes mes craintes

Comme un peintre, Je dessine

Je prépare mon  chef d’œuvre

Je m’éloigne de toutes ces choses que je suppose,

m’éloigne de la réalité des choses.

Je suis une reine sans couronne, ce qui résume ma prose,

Ma vie


Sweetest thing I’ve ever known

This music’s got me feeling so strong

I’ve got to hold on


Im still trying to conceive,

the image of all things real

Really, why would you steal

Such a fragile piece of art, my heart

A beautiful thief, only present in my dreams

Or should I say is my dream, as I lie conscious at the scene

The crime scene where it all went down

As I heard that first sound all I could do is breakdown

Breaking down all the barriers and walls, I could finally let myself fall

I am yours through it all


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