Mother Nature

Is it the feeling of her hands going through your hair?

As her sweet voice caresses your ears

Is it the softness of her touch as she helps you bath?

Her tender eyes looking straight into yours, you feel so safe

Is it the warmth of her hug? The belief that, never will you be alone

As she’s the paper to your stone, representing everything you’ve ever known


Is it the poise in her stride?

The confidence in her smile,

As she seems to shed a tear, only once in a while

She is the tree from which you descent

The heaven from which you were sent

The soil on which you cement

So don’t ever forget to repent


For months she shielded you

Fed you, with a soul

Knowing the brevity that it would hold

That it wouldn’t last once released from its hole

Meticulously she allowed your freedom

Seldom appreciating the little blood that she shed

Out in the world, you abruptly forget


The reason for your breathing

The oxygen that you are privileged to own

As you hear the beating

You feel the heart that she has sown


From wiping your tears, to eradicating your fears

Nowhere near, but you still feel like she’s here

The feeling of her skin slowly withers within

No longer attached by the cordon,

The connection seems to disappear

But really it’s still there, as you remember her calling you dear


The nature of a mother

Consisting of humility and forgiveness

Will always be found in the depth of your conscious

Repetitious-ly, reminding you to be

Who she, set out for you to be

The good and the bad

The happy and the sad

She was there, she would’ve been there

Because it’s the nature of a mother…





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