More words…

I feel the symmetry

As we synthesize the symphony

In which we slowly come to be, you and me

Yes, I see

Stereotypes increase

As anyone brown with a beard is from the middle east

So I cease to look for peace around me

And I sneeze, coz it makes me sick to know hypocracy still surrounds me

Trying to breathe in positivity

And block out all the negative

But the air has become so polluted

That I just want to take a sedative

To forget

See I may not be the spearhead

But I’ll provide the spear

As I fear, democracy is but a mere

Joke that is spread, you see

But don’t misconceive

What you receive from my rhymes

Coz these thoughts just keep infiltrating my mind

As I do not plan on wasting my time

complaining, about whose fault it is that we are behind

Or are they behind us?

Fucking our integrity

Disillusioning our trust

Dislocating our unity

Excuse the vulgarity, but I felt like I must

As I just feel this vulnerability choke me

Break me, push me into volatility

Where I explode

And freely expose my thoughts

From a reserved to a voluble persona

Personifying the epitome of real

But I still feel, stuck in this bubble

Like a dealer on the hustle

Trying to get freed from the streets

Until I see,

a Kid pickin’ up bottles and begging for some change, no obama

While other niggas are making it rain, no summer

Despite this, the kid is smiling for the camera

Singing “I love my life”

Disregarding all the trauma

He faces

I gotta admit, I get mezmorised, hypnotized

By the size of possibilities

By the size of what if’s, size of opportunities

Under scrutiny, I realize

We still have a long way

I still have a long way

Yet I sit here, do nothing

Writing all day

So I guess I’m on the list

Of people to blame


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