Let it go…

Let it go…let it all go

That resentment your feeling over losing a parking spot

That regret you have for not letting your heart call the shots

That pain you felt when you failed to connect the dots

Let it go…let it all go


All those haunting memories of what went down

And of what didn’t go down

All the fear of letting things slow down

Of taking one day at a time just so you don’t drown

All the strain it took to build the muscle you have now

The ups and downs, the smiles and frowns

Let them go…let them all go


Because nothing matters

Nothing matters except the exact moment in which you are in

Right now

This moment that could only be built by your yesterday’

And could shape your tomorrow

So swallow, your damn pride and accept defeat if you have to

Let it bring you to your feet if it must

But trust that you will get right back up

Just let it go…let it all go



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