It’s like hitting your pinky toe in the corner of a door way

As you dance

Like slamming the door on your fingers

Or getting stuck as you jump a fence

It’s like, poking your own eye

Or hitting a rock as you dive

So hyped then suddenly you begin to cry

It’s like, tripping as you play jump rope

Flat on your face, you fall and so does your hope

Who ever knew…

That it would feel like a pin getting stuck in your finger

“It takes patience” they say,

But the pain won’t go away

And as they walk off you’re left feeling astray

Painful I tell you….painful


It’s that pain you feel as a kid when your ice cream suddenly drops

Such a sweet thing covered in dirt, your heart suddenly stops…

Beating, yourself up for not holding on tight

For letting go of the one thing that had you up all night

It’s that pain…that pain when you fall off a bike

So psyched as you hop on, until you accidentally pull the brakes

And go flying…again flat on your face

Oh breaks…is that really what it takes?

What if you still want to keep eating that cake?

What if you want that pain of feeling bloated, is there really that much at stake?

It’s like that pain of knowing an important promise has been broken

That pain that’s so painful it leaves you shocked,

And blocked as you can’t express the pain you feel

So you deal with it…

Negotiating with your mind

Trying to convince your sensory nerves

That it doesn’t hurt,

NO! It will not hurt

But you’re not in time, it’s too late…

A knife through the heart

Break…it’s so easy to say.


Painful I tell you…painful.



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