The temperatures changing around us

Trying to control the lust, we must,

Find us

As in you and me

In unity

Trying to control this gravity

There’s this sort of depravity

Depriving me from tranquility

With only thoughts of keeping you around

I found, this sort of serenity in the sound

Of your voice

Hearing you whisper sweet words

It’s absurd; these thoughts crowd my mind like a herd

Of bulls

It pulled,

Me, to the ground, concrete

To hell with where it takes we

Feel the heat, as our bodies collide

As my pride if pushed to the side

I’ll take that ride

Cruisin’, got me choosin’

The fast lane, it’s insane

I’m losing this game

Pour, pour

The rain pours down

Washing away all the pretences of these backward frowns

Drowning my strength into pools of regret and sorrow

I used to fail to borrow

That lifeguard for protection


Clothes bringing out my complexion

I feel naked to the open eye

As I try I fail, yes I fail

To hide my despise

Against the gravity that strives

To pull me down

As the rain drops hit the ground

I feel the shivers slide down

My back

Hand in hand can’t help but slack

Off the rest of the world

I close my eyes

Blindly willing to take this dive

Into the unknown, the wild

Like a lion in search of prey

I’ll be a predator on the hunt

Kick me once I’ll smile

Kick me twice I’ll grunt

And roar,

I soar, to reach maximum heights and more

Forget that blunt

Cloud nine, I try

To limit myself from them blue skies

Trying to stay grounded but how can one ignore this high

This feeling of wanting you in my life

Stumbling, struggling

To keep gravity on one line

For some people, it’s a passion

Leaves them feeling all jazzy

As their hearts are in transition

On a mission

That only few have accomplished

Only few have managed, to control the gravity

I am me, he is he

But we are passionately WE

Sensation so deep

Fluorescent, cuz it is heavenly sent


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