Excuse Me…My Poetry Aint Dead!

Excuse me, I don’t mean to be, so obscene

I’m usually clean, but some people are too oblique for me

but I’ll obliterate their so called flow

Cause I can go, either way like I’m bisexual…

On a serious note…

Fusing my soul and my mind

I take control of time

Fiercely fabricating rhymes

Eliminating the grime…that I caused

In a world where the words are all mine

I combine, letters and sounds,

Thoughts and profound…feelings…that I don’t usually give around

I don’t invent these credentials

So you can’t really overshadow my potential

It’s essential,

That I mention my creations will be substantial

I can’t control these thoughts

They always permeate my mind,

Principally preparing me for my prime…

Time, itself can’t separate the words I put together

These are my scriptures;

My religion mainly consists of this pen and paper

So they can’t reprimand my greatness..

I think it’s safe to say,

So don’t mistake, my miniature state for weakness..

Coz I won’t run away

Watch my wings spread, Coz instead I fly away

And no my poetry aint dead

I ran into it just the other day


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