Forgiveness she finds

is far too easy for the case

only time itself could begin to erase

the trauma and disgrace

that another human being can actually dare to make you face

So much animosity, it seems this world will never change

In every little corner there’s a victim healing from the pain

And so she vowed never, would it happen again…


They said she was insane, but they did not know

They did not know about him

He who shall not be named, shamed by her weakness

She sought for forgiveness

But was she really in the wrong

As she held the knife close to his face, she remembers the song

The song that played as he lay, dead

It had all started with a nod of the head
She remembers like it was just yesterday

as he pulled her near and said “do you wanna play?”

the tone in his manly voice

was just so rough and so evil

did she really have a choice

or was it just rhetorical?


Oblivious to his desires

She smiled and allowed the first touch

Until she realized it was too much

This was not a game she usually played with her friends

Confused and in tears, she pushed and shoved

In a cramped, smelly room it was

and in no question was she allowed to fuss

or fight

because for him, it felt right

ohh those nights

Thinking about it took away all her appetite


How dare he, how dare he

She thought to herself

After three years still there were nightmares

afraid that when she wakes

he would be right there

like a snake, he strangled her with fear

she began to feel like she saw things clear

she was meant to suffer, meant to feel this bad

to a point where she just decided to make it feel good

Never facing her fear she constantly hid in the dark

Isolating herself from the world, no sparks

She never could quiet fall in love

And when she thought she was, it was never sent from above


the nightmares continued, as she felt his presence

Just the smell of his scent, got her nauseous

now, she goes through life always so cautious

paranoid, you may say

but ever since that day

he took her innocence away

she despises men, never looking them in the face

because to her they were all the same

Just a disgrace…


Life could never be fair, but she is a hero stuck in despair

Until he came along, and re-wrote the song

Re-wrote the story of her life as he asked her to be his wife

They say brighter days will come

And the pain we will shun

So don’t run, don’t run away from the past

Don’t run away from your fears

Run towards them, face to face you can sword them

And slay that trauma away, kill the pain

And eliminate the strain

Coz the world is full of disgrace, but only you can decide how to handle it


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