Because of fear…

Because of fear, I tend to zone out

I space out, in my own atmosphere

As I breathe the air of my own thoughts and it’s clear

That I’m partially aggravated by the fact that I lack

The confidence that would give me a lean back

Straight, I wish I could be

But my tongue tends to get stuck in my mouth see

So my speech is deterred,

As I would’ve preferred, to tell you to stay

But instead, I watched you walk away


See because of fear, we tend to hold back

Mixed feelings, we confuse silence for healing

Invisible scars, yet we feel, so revealing they are

Stuck in reminiscence, we can’t seem to forget the hard times

And only with pictures do we remember the smiles

In denial, we put on an act

Not facing the facts, because fear holds us back


Fighting with ourselves,

Am I sick? Am I well?

What is that smell? That smells like fear

Always surrounding me, nearer and nearer, it gets

Polluting my mind with full of regrets

Yet, I have nothing to lose

Only lessons to choose, from

Am I the only one?


whether I am or not

I need to unclog these clots

forming inside of me, depriving me

from tranquility

emotionally drained, by the amount of stains

one word can contain, on a precious heart

but I do not wish to wallow

so i’ll swallow my whines

and let you know

that when you feel low

you’re not the only one holding back from your real potential


so smile, let the world revolve

don’t always try to solve

the mysteries, that you force yourself to see

believe and kick fear to the streets.


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